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Maryland accident attorney discusses Look Up, Look Out

Maryland’s Department of Transportation recently launched a road safety campaign called “Look Up, Look Out,” geared towards pedestrians. In Maryland alone, over 100 pedestrians die and nearly 2500 are injured every year, many of them in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.

The campaign, which is getting promoted through radio, transit ads, and social media sites like Facebook, urges both pedestrians and drivers to exercise greater caution.

Sharing responsibility for traffic accidents

In a collision between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, the pedestrian is far more likely to die or sustain serious non-fatal injuries, compared to the vehicle occupants. The long-term consequences of an accident can include paralysis, diminished cognitive or motor functioning, loss of limbs, and various medical complications. Even when the prognosis for recovery is good, people still face enormous expenses and loss of wages. The recovery process may take months or years, with multiple surgeries and the need for physical rehabilitation.

However, even though pedestrians get disproportionately affected by a collision, it doesn’t mean they’re automatically released from responsibility. For example, if pedestrians weren’t using an established crosswalk during the time of a crash, or if they suddenly darted across the road when the motor vehicle had a green light, who’s responsible? Did the driver have an opportunity to stop the vehicle?

Both drivers and pedestrians undergo scrutiny in the aftermath of a crash. In emphasizing that everyone needs to pay more attention on the road, the Look Up, Look Out highlights this fact.

For any accident, it’s critical to evaluate the details afterwards, determine who is responsible, and explore avenues for compensation. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable Maryland accident attorney. When you contact us at 844-Take-MyCase or through our website, www.844TakeMyCase.com, you can expect dedicated personal attention to your case. Feel free to also follow us on Facebook, as we use our Facebook account to highlight key issues and concerns involving traffic safety and accidents.

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