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Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Punitive Damages

When someone is seeking damages for a personal injury case in Maryland, he or she might receive compensation for things like medical expenses, lost wages and property damages. It is not very common for punitive damages to be assessed, but the situation involving General Motors and the cover-up of faulty ignition switches is apparently enough to warrant these damages that serve as a rebuke and a lesson to a defendant.

The New GM Decision

While GM declared bankruptcy in 2009 and became New GM, people like engineers and safety inspectors that worked at the old GM and knew about the faulty ignition switches went to the new company. This seems like good news for plaintiffs as a judge said punitive damages are allowed if one can show in court that the new company was aware of and attempted to hide the ignition switch problems.

Major Payouts Possible

It also helps those seeking punitive damages that the company has already said it knew about the switches for at least a decade before the recall took place in 2014. Cases could lead to million or billion dollar verdicts as punitive damages generally result in large amounts as plaintiffs are not just being compensated for losses since a value is also assigned to serve as a monetary punishment.

Your Personal Injury Case

If you were injured because of the negligence of someone else, a Maryland personal injury lawyer could give you information about the kind of damages that may be applicable in your situation. You might be entitled to compensation for physical losses and even emotional pain and suffering.

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