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Prince George’s County accident attorney discusses the costs of rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions occur relatively frequently. A report from the National Transportation Safety Board shares some data indicating that roughly 28% of highway accidents involve rear-end crashes.

The costs of such a collision can be steep. Although people usually don’t associate rear-end crashes with fatalities, they can prove devastating. For example, Prince George’s County Police recently reported a horrific two-vehicle accident that resulted in the deaths of three adults and two children; other vehicle occupants were hospitalized with serious injuries. One car had rear-ended the other.

Although most rear-end collisions don’t have such terrible consequences, they can still exact a toll on those involved. Even a relatively low-speed accident may lead to whiplash, an injury to the soft tissues of the neck that can result in weeks of pain and limited motion, and in more severe cases may cause long-term impairments or require surgery.

Vehicles can catch fire during a rear-end accident. Furthermore, in addition to any damage caused by the initial impact, there may be further damage from subsequent collisions. For example, one car can push the other into a stationary roadside object such as a telephone pole or send it flying into oncoming traffic at an intersection.

These accidents vary in cause, though they usually involve human error on the part of the driver who initiates the collision from behind. In the recent fatal crash in Prince George’s County, investigators are looking into both speed and rainy weather as contributing factors to the crash.

Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Prince George’s County accident attorney after such a collision. You may be facing steep medical bills and extensive property damage, in addition to related costs such as lost wages from missed work. An attorney can help you figure out what happened and how you can act to receive the compensation you need to cope in the aftermath.

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