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Prince George’s County Accident Lawyer Examines the Dangers of Indian Head Highway

Indian Head Highway (Maryland Route 210) has been referred to as the greater DC area’s “most dangerous road” in this recent local news piece. It isn’t the first time people have called attention to the higher rate of fatal accidents that occur on this stretch of road.

What’s dangerous about Indian Head Highway?

The accident described in this recent news piece involved a motorcyclist who died after driving through a red light and colliding with a car. Other types of fatal accidents that have taken place on this road include head-on collisions between two cars. Along with deadly accidents, there are others that result in serious injuries, leading to permanent damage to the body or requiring multiple surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation.

One of the explanations given about the dangers of this highway is that it presents a stretch of road that’s flat and long. This can tempt drivers to break traffic laws and engage in various unsafe behaviors, including speeding, weaving quickly in and out of different lanes, and running red lights – particularly when there’s less traffic, and they assume they can get away with such behavior more easily.

As a result, these drivers have less of a chance to react to an impending collision. They may lose control of their vehicle and either go off the road or crash into someone else.

Law enforcement officials from Prince George’s County are planning to monitor the area even more in the hopes of catching drivers who are violating traffic laws; this may serve as a deterrent to aggressive driving, speeding, and driving while intoxicated. But ultimately, it’s up to drivers themselves to make the roads more safe. Indian Head Highway is a dangerous road because drivers themselves are behaving in dangerous ways (not because the road itself is in an especially shabby condition).

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