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St. Mary’s County Accident Lawyer on Safe Driving in Sun Glare

Sun glare makes driving difficult in the morning and evening hours. The problem is especially acute during the fall and winter seasons when the sun hangs low in the sky for much of the day. Glare can be literally blinding and can reduce your visibility to near zero. In addition to using your sun visor, try these suggestions for a safer drive:

Use Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses do more than ordinary tinted glasses, which merely darken glare. A good pair will eliminate reflected glare from the road (especially when it’s wet) and from the windows and other reflective surfaces of the cars in front of you. Polarized sunglasses will also darken glare directly from the sun.

Keep Your Windshield Free of Dirt, Cracks, and Pits

Dirt, salt, and grime will scatter sunlight as it passes through your windshield and make the glare worse. Wash your windshield each time you fill your tank with gas and wipe down the inside surface as well. A windshield that’s pitted or cracked should be replaced because it will also intensify glare.

Keep Your Dashboard Free of Clutter

At certain sunlight angles, the inside windshield surface acts like a mirror that reflects light from dashboard clutter into your eyes. Find another location for these items.

Be Aware of Glare Seen by Opposing Traffic

When the sun is low in the sky behind you, it doesn’t affect your view of the road. However, it will produce blinding glare to traffic in the opposing lane. This means they will have a difficult time seeing you. Keep this in mind when driving. When your car is casting a long shadow in front of you, opposing traffic will have glare problems. Turn on your headlights and don’t make sudden left turns in front of them.¬†When pulling into traffic from a side road, check to see if your car casts a long shadow in the direction of traffic you want to merge with, and drive accordingly.

Finally, allow more following distance between your car and the traffic in front. This gives you more time to react to braking cars and other traffic events.

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