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Steps to Follow After an Auto Accident

An auto accident can be serious. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an accident, a driver may lose his or her driving privilege. Speeding past the speed limit is a major cause of most auto accidents. In some states the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. Speeding, running a red light, or failing to stop at a stop sign mostly ends in disaster. These are careless mistakes drivers make.

However, there are steps to take following an auto accident, that the average drivers are not aware of. Following the proper protocol after an accident can ensure positive result results. The outcome of your case depends on how well you follow protocol.

Steps to Follow After an Auto Accident

Stay calm and do not panic. Call 911 to report the crash, and do not describe any details of the accident to the 911 operator, as each call is recorded. Making “an accidental misstatement could be fatal.” If someone is injured or believe they are injured they should visit the local hospital. Be sure to get a copy of the accident report.

Exchange insurance information with the other driver. Use a cell phone to take pictures of the accident scene. Get clear shots of the other driver, the other vehicle, and any debris or damage that resulted from the accident. This information will be useful, in resolving conflicting opinions.

Wait before making a statement. Be sure to speak with your traffic accident attorney, before speaking with any insurance company. The outcome of your case depends on it. Making a statement without an attorney present is a serious mistake. The insurance company work to save as much money as possible on each claim. Therefore, the insurance adjustor is likely to make an offer in lieu of not filing a claim. This is not the best course of action to pursue.

Call for a traffic accident lawyer right away. Do not make any attempts to negotiate with the insurance company. To get the best representation, and a fair settlement, call an experienced lawyer. In the event the case goes to court, you want an attorney with courtroom experience.

Steps a Traffic Lawyer will Take

The traffic accident attorney will get a copy of the original accident report. There may be details in the report the lawyer may want to question. In some instances, there are usually conflicting accounts as to what actually happened.

The next step is to prepare the case. When the attorney have an idea of who is at fault, the case moves to the step level. A consultation is held and during this time, questions are asked and answered. If any witnesses were present they will be questioned or subpoenaed.


The best defense in an auto or traffic accident case is preparation. Negotiations require a working knowledge of the states traffic accident laws. Choosing a traffic accident lawyer is serious business. Always choose a lawyer with experience, knowledge and most of all courtroom experience.

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