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Washington D. C. Accident Attorney on Motorcycles

Lane splitting is not legal in Washington, D. C., and it’s risky. Cycle World and the Washington Post lead motorcyclists to believe they do not have to stop in bumper to bumper traffic if they share lanes with cars and trucks. Motorists stopped in traffic may not pay close attention to changing traffic patterns, and no one knows when stop and go traffic will move.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are smaller and less visible in blind spots than cars and trucks. Motorcycles do not block the impact of collisions as the body of a car or truck does. Legs are frequently amputated after motorcycle accidents in Washington, D. C. Death is not uncommon.

Alcohol and excessive speed cause half of all motorcycle accidents. Vehicles turning left cause 42% of the motorcycle accidents which result in death or serious injury.


If lane splitting or alcohol contributed to your accident, the motorcyclist may be judged partially liable for the accident. Contributory negligence reduces the amount of money the motorcyclist recovers or results in a judgement against him. The motorcyclist may recover nothing or be required to pay for damage to the car or truck which hit him.  

Accident Attorney

Our accident attorney investigates all possible secondary sources of contributory negligence to prove liability for your accident. Our law firm looks for defective equipment and improperly maintained vehicles and road surfaces. 

Personal Injuries

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Washington, D. C., contact us, call 844-Take-MyCase or visit our website at www.844TakeMyCase.com to speak with our accident attorney. Our experienced personal injury attorney hopes to bring you peace of mind as you recover from your injuries. Our law firm strives to recover the maximum possible compensation for your losses.  

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