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Washington DC’s Traffic is a Contender for Worst in the Nation

No matter where you live in the Washington D.C. metro area, there is a place on the roadways near you that seems to be the scene of a traffic accident almost every day. Inner loop, outer loop, Springfield mixing bowl, American Legion Bridge, or the 270 spur — all of these places invite traffic accidents. It’s not hard to figure out why. According to the data firm Inrix, in 2016, Washington D.C. was the “sixth most car-clogged city” in the United States, even worse than Chicago or Dallas but still better than Los Angeles or New York. In 2015, Inrix rated Washington as the #1 most congested city in the United States! Using other metrics, TomTom, a Dutch company, ranked the Washington metro area in the eighth spot for 2016.  

Although the statisticians can quibble over rankings, the rest of us know that the commutes in this area are high-stress affairs. Too many cars make for congested highways and impatient drivers, a sure formula for anything from a fender-bender to a serious accident.

If your luck runs out, and you end up in the breakdown lane on the Beltway with a crumpled hood or broken rear axle, it’s important to stay calm, although the experience is very unnerving. Exchange insurance information with the other driver and make sure you understand how to get an accident report from the police. Then contact us to help you sort things out, especially if you have been injured or your car has been totaled. 

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