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What if your medical insurance doesn’t cover you? The surprising costs of bodily injury

When people are rushed to the emergency room after an accident, they hope that if they have medical insurance it will cover at least the bulk of the costs. However, even when people do have insurance, it may not cover as much as they think it does.

The New York Times recently came out with an article on the many ‘separate fees’ patients get hit with when visiting hospitals or going to a doctor for non-emergency visits (something that many accident victims would need to do as a medical follow-up).

For example, patients may wind up getting treated by a doctor who’s on their insurance plan, in a hospital that’s on their insurance plan, but will still get separate charges for the room they use or for a piece of medical equipment such as a sling. They might get charged separately for tests or medical procedures that aren’t covered by their insurance. In-network hospitals may also have out-of-network doctors on their staff who send separate bills for procedures or check-ups.

Furthermore, there could be various administrative charges that pop up, amounting to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The nature of these charges isn’t always clear; patients are usually blindsided by them. 

Then comes the issue of needing to be treated in an out-of-network hospital or other medical facility in an emergency. Health insurance companies generally make provisions for these circumstances, but may still not pay what you need for coverage.

As someone suffering from injuries after an accident, it’s terrible to have to deal with all of these unexpected expenses, especially if you thought that you would be covered by your insurance. Even a trip to a hospital that doesn’t require an overnight stay could land you with a bill amounting to thousands of dollars.

Also keep in mind that accident victims often have to make multiple visits to a doctor after their initial treatment to monitor the progress of their recovery, and they might need to pay for other services such as rehabilitation.

The costs of a bodily injury can be staggering, even for something relatively uncomplicated and survivable like a broken arm (as opposed to a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury). Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in dealing with these costs in the aftermath of an accident. We can help you work with insurance companies and with medical providers to try to obtain more coverage. And we can explore all of the avenues available for you to receive compensation. Your recovery from an accident should be as peaceful as possible and not compounded with the stress of enormous bills.

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