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A Truck Accident Attorney Discusses Unsafe Loading Practices

Truck accident attorneys such as John Critzos II frequently see accidents that are a result of unsafe loading practices. This can be in the way of overweight, imbalanced or unsecure loads, all of which decrease vehicle and driver safety substantially.
Federal laws strictly regulate the weight of tractor-trailers in order to ensure public safety. Trailers that weigh the federal maximum of 80,000 pounds are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal accident as ones carrying only 50,000 pounds are, based on information from the University of Michigan. Although carrying extra weight is dangerous, many trucking companies nonetheless push the envelope of safety in an effort to increase their profit margins.
Generally speaking, the more weight a truck is carrying, the harder it will be to stop. This also makes for dangerous driving conditions, because braking too hard while operating on a downgrade can cause a vehicle’s brakes to burn out. As a result, a driver may lose control of a rig and overturn, jackknife or careen into the back of other vehicles.
Uneven weight distribution is another factor that can increase the risk of a trucking accident. Loads that are heavier on one side than they are another could cause the vehicle to overturn, especially when navigating around sharp corners. Having too much weight near the front of the truck could make it difficult to stop, and may also increase the odds that a trailer will break loose from the cab.
Improperly secured loads can become a problem for flatbed drivers, because they may spill out onto the roadway. Drivers who are behind the vehicle might not be able to stop, and may collide with them as a result. Debris in the roadway has the potential to cause a multiple-car accident, simply because there may be numerous vehicles that are affected by it.
An accident caused by improper or unsafe loading will likely be contested heavily by trucking companies. The services of an attorney can be very helpful when it comes to uncovering the truth about the matter. Contact us for a free consultation of your case if you’ve been injured in such an accident.

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