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Prince George’s County Accident Attorney Addresses the Pros and Cons of Local Attractions

As the warmer weather finally arrives, it is difficult to not be attracted to all that Prince Georges County has to offer with various amenities and events. As visitors are encouraged to explore and experience all that is available, a Prince George’s County accident attorney forewarns of the extra need for caution as the warm weather welcomes more visitors to the numerous events available for their enjoyment.
This is not intended to discourage anyone from participating by any means, however it serves as a reminder to be alert and proceed with caution everywhere you go and at all times of the year. Interesting attractions such as those offered by Prince George’s County draw large groups of people, crowds and a wide variety of people as well as vehicles. Extra caution should be used while traveling through the area, especially if you are not familiar with the routes you will be using. And as always, the warmer weather brings out motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians that require a special watchful eye of those who are driving.
If you are heading out to visit one of the many museums, the nearby Washington D.C. monuments and memorials, the local vineyards and wineries or perhaps an area theme park, there are several things to keep in mind to avoid becoming involved in an accident, as well as important steps to take should an accident occur.
Be Prepared
Whether or not you were a scout in your younger days, this is one important area for people of all ages.
• If you are part of a group or a family traveling together, have a central meeting place designated before you begin your activity.
• Young children should never be left unattended, and always have some sort of identification on them with contact information should they become separated.
• Did you know that May is Older Americans Month? According to a story in the Baltimore Sun, this is an event that is Celebrated nationwide each year in May. The focus for this year’s celebration is “injury prevention, with the theme, ‘Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow.’ Organized each year by the Administration for Community Living of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the key goal this year is to raise awareness about the critical issue of unintentional injury among older adults.”
• As a group, scout out the nearest available emergency services such as first aid stations and emergency exits should the need arise.
• Use the “ICE” method. In this day and age, most everyone carries a cell phone. Make sure your contact list contains an *I C E* contact, which stands for In Case of Emergency. Public safety and medical personnel know to check for that if you are involved in an accident and not able to communicate. Your ICE contact should be an individual or individuals that should be contacted in case of an emergency.
• Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, keep hydrated, don’t carry large amounts of cash and keep purses and wallets secured and close to your body. Of course we want you to have a great time, just remember to be alert.
If you have the misfortune to become involved in any sort of accident, whether it be a traffic accident or otherwise, contact us for assistance. It might not be a bad idea to keep our contact info handy to get in touch with us right away.

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