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Maryland Accident Attorney Discusses Accountability in High-Speed Police Chases

The Baltimore Sun reported on two incidents in one night last week that involved two innocent fatalities resulting from high-speed police chases, including one 12 year-old victim. Both innocent victims were not involved in criminal behavior, but were struck by fleeing suspects. These accidents are just one of many that occur every year. A study published in the British Medical Journal analyzed crash statistics involving high-speed police chases over a nine-year period in the United States. Researchers found one-third of fatalities resulting from police chases involved innocent bystanders.
Who’s to Blame?
Innocent victims and their families are often left with damaged property and physical injuries. Who is to compensate them? The short answer is that each case in unique. As is true with any car accident, liability must be proven. Who was truly at fault? In the case of a police pursuit, more investigation is needed. Was the innocent driver ignoring police sirens? Were the police negligent in some way? Was the fleeing suspect 100 percent at-fault? The bottom line is no one is above the law, even the police. They are not allowed to violate laws, including traffic laws, even in a high speed chase. If they do, the innocent victim could receive compensation from the municipality the driving officer represents. Conversely, the fleeing criminal could be at-fault or it may be a combination of both.
An Advocate for the Innocent
Media reports frequently focus on the fleeing perpetrator and the dangerous positions many officers are put in. However, innocent bystanders are often times ignored. It’s important they have an advocate on their side. Criminal and/or civil litigation is often an option for victims. However, due to the unique nature of each accident, it’s important to have a maryland accident attorney with extensive experience representing car accident victims. The attorneys at the Law Offices of John Critzos, II have just that type of experience. Contact us before settling any insurance claims or accepting any compensation.

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