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Were you involved in a crash with a red light runner? Contact a DC accident attorney

Memorial Day Weekend has recently come and gone, and as with other holidays during the year, it sees a spike in car accidents. With more people on the road, eager to travel and enjoy their vacation, the number of accidents goes up.
The Washington Post recently reported data from the DC area on this increase in crashes. The report focused specifically on accidents that occur when drivers run a red light at an intersection. Nationwide, accidents involving “red light runners” seem to peak during the Memorial Day weekend (though in the DC environs, they occur more frequently on July 4th).
Why focus on these kinds of accidents? They occur quite frequently. They’re also a particularly deadly kind of accident, claiming thousands of lives every year. The impact can kill or severely injure vehicle occupants in an instant and send vehicles skidding across the road into traffic or into stationary objects such as telephone poles and trees.
Another common theme noted by survivors of these kinds of accidents is how they often come about from only a momentary impulse or a couple of seconds of carelessness. A driver hurrying to get somewhere tries to beat a red light and sails into the intersection after the light changes. Preoccupied with some distraction, a driver may fail to check for oncoming traffic at an intersection or pay attention to the presence of red lights or stop signs.
These kinds of accidents might occur more frequently during holidays, but they’re really a year-round menace. If you’ve experienced such a crash, be sure to contact an experienced DC accident attorney to review your case. Maybe you’re struggling with medical expenses in the aftermath, including bills for hospital visits, surgeries, doctors’ visits and physical rehabilitation. Maybe your vehicle has been completely wrecked. Whatever the case may be, you could benefit from legal assistance and advocacy as you deal with insurance companies and perhaps seek compensation from those responsible for the crash.

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