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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Pick You Up When You Go Down

It’s motorcycle season and if you’re a biker of any type, then this is the best season there is. And, there is nothing better than cruising anywhere in the region from DC to Annapolis on nice clear, summer day. But, unfortunately as all us motorcycle enthusiasts know – not all drivers are as careful as we are. Way too often we’re an afterthought to the driving public, which means accidents – far too many accidents. Well, if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent third party then you need an attorney who understands not just the applicable laws but also the anatomy of a motorcycle accident.
No two accidents are alike as much as the insurance companies may want you to believe, and each one needs to be dissected and all variables isolated in order to assign the right award settlement to any individual accident. Far too often an insurance company representing the responsible party, or parties attempt to get to the victim before they partner with an experienced accident attorney. The reason? They want to bully the victim into taking a quick settlement. The insurance company’s worst nightmare is having to negotiate with an attorney rather than the victim themselves. They will present a case to the victim hoping to entice them into taking a settlement that is truthfully only good for the insurance company – not the victim. By using intimidating tactics based on their size, an insurance company will try and show that the offer they have crafted is the result of having adjudicated over many accidents exactly like the one the victi m has been in, and that based on this experience and the opinions of their “experts” that the dollar amount they are offering far exceeds that which is deserved. It’s a sordid tactic, but unfortunately it works far too often.
The thing to remember is this, your life has been impacted due to no fault of your own and you are entitled to recompense that adequately covers all the factors required to become whole again. Your attorney has the experience to correctly quantify those factors such as; lost wages. medical expenses, any permanent disability caused by the accident, future wage loss, lifetime prescriptions costs, etc. Don’t trust the insurance company to properly consider all of these items – they have one goal; keep their payouts to a minimum. And, once they have a signature on the dotted line – it’s all over, the victim has no further legal avenue to go down.
So, remember if you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a motorcycle accident – do not talk to an insurance company. Seek out the advice of an experience injury attorney who understands motorcycle accidents.
To discuss your case, please contact us and we can start a file and begin working on your behalf immediately.

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