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Involved in a Traffic Accident? Be Sure to Seek Medical Attention, if you are injured or think you are injured!

After the initial shock of a traffic accident, you may feel confused, excited, or suddenly energetic. This is a normal physical reaction caused by a surge of adrenaline throughout your body. Many experts refer to this as “fight or flight” which is in fact a chemical reaction in which the extra adrenaline is sent though the blood stream to give your body the boost it needs to react to a sudden alarming situation.
Due to the nature of “fight or flight,” you may not realize you have been injured in the accident. Unfortunately, after the adrenaline rush wears off, you may find you are in serious pain. This can occur hours or even days after an accident; therefore, it is important to seek medical attention right after an accident occurs. Your doctor can run tests to determine whether shock is masking possibly serious injuries.
Injuries can also appear years after an accident. For instance, back injuries sometimes do not surface until long after an accident occurs. Most often when these injuries are discovered, the statute of limitations for seeking compensation for your accident has run out. This can leave you with mountainous medical bills which may have to be paid out of pocket; therefore, if you have been injured or think you have been injured in an accident you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.
A full, comprehensive medical examine is your best defense against out of pocket expenses years after your accident. Your doctor can run a series of tests such as MRIs and CAT scans to determine if you have incurred neck or back injuries as a result of your traffic accident.
If you have been injured in an accident in Maryland or DC, it is important you speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as you are able. Your personal injury lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation for your injuries. Compensation can include lost wages, future and current medical expenses, property damage, and compensation for physical pain and mental suffering. Please contact the Law Offices of John Critzos II for a free consultation regarding your case.

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