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What NOT to do in an automobile accident


Automobile accident can be devastating to a person’s physical and emotional health. If this has happened to you, an attorney experienced in automobile accident lawsuits can help ensure that you are rightfully compensated. This process starts immediately following an accident. Unfortunately, a few poor choices or negligent actions can jeopardize the outcome of a case. Here is what you should avoid doing if you find yourself in an automobile accident:

Leave the scene

Regardless of the severity of the crash, you must always stop, exchange insurance information, and report it to law enforcement. A crash that may appear to be a minor fender-bender could result in delayed physical injuries later. If this is the case, do your due diligence – stay at the scene and follow the proper protocol.

Involve the authorities

Sometimes, parties involved in a car accident make an informal agreement to resolve the accident without the involvement of police. This is always a bad idea. There is no way for you to confirm if the other individual has insurance or if it is up to date. Also, you want to be aware if the other driver has arrest warrants or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These are factors that could affect the outcome of an automobile injury lawsuit.

Become hostile or aggressive

A car accident causes get anxiety, but it is essential that you do not allow that to affect your emotions or judgement. Placing blame or arguing with the other individual will only escalate the situation and could negatively impact a lawsuit – especially if the car accident becomes a physical altercation.

Place blame

Don’t immediately place blame on the other driver. Even more so, never take the blame or admit fault. Instead, allow the authorities to collect information and evidence. Assist in these efforts by remaining alert and assessing of the situation.

Ignore important details

Especially if the accident prompts a lawsuit, every detail will count. Be sure to collect appropriate information – including name, address, insurance company, policy number, etc. – from the other driver. If you have a smartphone, take pictures and videos of the crash as well. Little details that you may not notice such as tire marks or roadway obstructions could become essential pieces of evidence in a lawsuit.

Talk without representation

Never talk with anyone other than the authorities about the accident. Sometimes, the anxiety of the situation may cause you to confuse or omit details that could cause conflicts in your version of what happened. If you feel uncomfortable speaking with insurance representatives or other stakeholders involved in the incident, we can help. Contact us today to discuss the incident and decide on a course of action that will be best for you.



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