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3 Different Types of Injury Which can Result From a Traffic Crash

When a car accident happens, it often will cause injuries to the people who are involved. These types of injuries vary from mild whiplash to things that are more catastrophic, and there are lawyers who are going to help with the claims these types of injuries. Below are some of the common injuries that are sustained by people who have been in an accident.


Physically, the kinds of injuries that are suffered in a car accident are nearly limitless, but the most common kind of injury is whiplash. This usually happens when someone is rear-ended or they have been t-boned. It’s something that takes the form of an injury to the soft tissue in the neck and back. Those who have whiplash have a lot of discomfort. Those who have this kind of injury should be treated by a medical professional since it can be a problem for a long amount of time. Although this seems like a minor injury, it’s painful and it can affect the way that a person functions each day in a significant way.

Serious Injury

Sadly, when an accident happens at a higher speed it can cause a serious injury. Very serious injuries can often include even death. These kinds of injuries are the ones that leave people unable to work or take care of themselves temporarily or permanently. When someone has suffered a serious injury, it’s a good idea for them to find a lawyer since the lawyer will have the experience that the person needs to help them with their case. These kinds of cases often will go on for a long time and they can be very complex.

Psychological Illness

Even though you may not have been injured physically, you may have suffered from psychological shock. If you’re the primary victim and you directly participated in the accident, you are able to claim for any kind of psychological condition that is medically recognized and that you developed because of the accident.

Just like with the physical injuries, it’s required that you can provide evidence of the psychological problems you are having through expert testimony or evidence. If you witnessed a serious or fatal accident but you weren’t in danger yourself, it’s unlikely you will be able to claim because you were one of the secondary victims. Yet if you’re close to the person, or if the person was related to you, you may be able to claim and it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer to find out what your options are.

If you have an injury due to a traffic crash, you may be able to claim for your damages. Contact us today and we’ll let you know what we can do to help you.

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