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5 Tips for Avoiding a Traffic Crash While Driving in the Fog

A common type of weather that many people have to drive in is fog. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the proper way to drive in fog safely and therefore they find that they are involved in a traffic crash

Below are some tips that you can use to stay safe when driving in fog.

Slow down

You should drive cautiously if you’re driving in fog. Since heavy fog will distort the feeling of speed because you can’t see things going by, you should go by your speedometer and keep your speed down.

Use your low-beams

Anytime you have low visibility, you may think it’s best to use your high beams. But when you’re driving in fog, this is going to make your visibility worse since your high beams will reflect off of the fog and come back at you.

Use your fog lights

It’s a good idea to use the fog lights in the front of your car if your vehicle has them. They can help with illuminating the street and increase your visibility to the other drivers.

Use the right line as your guide

When the fog is thick, you should use the right-hand line on the road as your guide. Don’t use the central pavement markings, because they will make you want to move closer to the oncoming vehicles and you may be in an accident.

Don’t stop in the middle of the road

Anytime you are unable to see while driving, you might be inclined to stop. It’s never a good idea to stop right on a road in fog. First, find a place where it’s safe for you to pull off to the side. This spot should be really far from the traffic.  You also should turn off your car’s lights. If you leave them on, other drivers might mistake it for a lane and hit your car.

If you have been injured because someone hit you while you were driving in the fog, contact us. We can help you with your claim and give you advice for your case.

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