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3 Factors Which can Affect the Compensation for a Scar From a Personal Injury


When a personal injury leads to a scar, many times the victim will be able to make a claim for that scar. But as it is with many other claims, the amount that someone will be able to recover depends on a few factors. Here are the factors which can affect the compensation someone will receive for a scar.

Location of scar

The first thing that will affect the amount of money that you receive for a scar is where it’s located on your body. If the scar’s thought to be disfiguring and it’s in a spot which is always visible, such as on the face, the award is more likely to be higher.

Gender of Claimant

Generally a woman will receive more compensation than a man will when it comes to a scar.  With all other factors being equal, a woman’s compensation will usually be higher than a man’s.

Age of Claimant

When a scar happens to someone who is younger, such as a child, the compensation amount will usually be higher. The reason for this is because the victim has to deal with the disfigurement for much longer and a younger person is more likely to be affected psychologically by the scar.

If you have a scar from a personal injury, why not contact us and let us know what we can do to help your claim? We have helped many people with their personal injury claims and we will be happy to do what we can to help you.

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