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Finding a St. Mary’s County Accident Attorney

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident can lead to long recovery periods and lost ability to work. With all the challenges of recovering from an accident and the associated costs, the last thing that an accident victim needs is the added stress of financial difficulties. If you have been injured in an accident, there are multiple financial claims that you may be eligible to file.

For accidents that occurred in Maryland or Washington, DC, a St. Mary’s County accident attorney well-versed in local laws represents the best opportunity for you to recover all damages that you are owed.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, there are legal remedies in place to help you recover damages. These damages can include:

  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Disability
  • Lifetime prescriptions
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle replacement

Although no one wants to be in an accident, being prepared and having a plan when it happens will make it easier for your attorney to litigate your case. Be sure to seek immediate medical attention so that your injuries are documented and treatment can begin immediately. Collect all necessary information to support your case – witness information, a police report and photographs will help an attorney determine the right approach for a favorable resolution to your case. 

 Many people fail to contact an attorney because they are worried about incurring additional costs resulting from the accident. However, most accident attorneys offer a free consultation to assess the viability of your case before taking it. At Law Offices of John Critzos, II, we concentrate on accident litigation and are committed to helping you recover financial damages so that you can focus on your physical recovery.

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