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After a car accident: several steps to take

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, treating any injuries or alleviating any pain should be the first thing attended to. Therefore, the first step after an accident should either be going to a hospital, if necessary, or receiving medical treatment as soon as possible. The primary focus is restoring you to full health and functioning. However, also remember that insurance companies will pay no heed to any claim of bodily harm stemming from a car accident unless there is a medical record. One’s own testimony or that of observers is not sufficient. Given that, be sure to keep careful and clear records of the assessment of your injuries and recommended treatment.

Be sure that your physician states the injury, the recommended treatment, and the date and expected prognosis. How the injury occurred should also be noted, as well as the length of time treatment is expected to last. Keep track of any expenses you incur as a result of treatment.

The category of your injury should also be noted (soft tissue, hard injury, such as that to bone, head injury, whiplash are some of the categories). They are treated differently by insurance companies and may be subject to higher or lower claim limits. Also, make note of any lost wages, any missed events (weddings to which you would have been traveling, for example, or tickets to a one-time performance), and any emotional stress.

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