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D C Accident Attorney: Watch Out for School Children

School has been underway for several months now. While people often remember to watch out for children at the beginning of the school year, it is important to continue to watch for children heading to and from school during your daily commute. There are several things you can do to keep school children in your area safer.

School Buses

Never pass a bus with flashing red lights. It is illegal and dangerous. Even as the bus takes off again, watch for children who may dart in front of you unexpectedly.

Neighborhoods with Schools

When driving in a school zone or in neighborhoods where children often walk to school, always watch for children. Slow down, and watch for children who may run across the street without warning. If the road is icy or wet, give yourself extra room to stop for children who may not be paying attention.


Many children have been taught to cross at the crosswalk. Yet, sometimes they fail to wait to be sure that vehicles will stop for them. Watch carefully for children who may be crossing at the crosswalk (or other places), and stop to allow the children to cross the street safely.

Teaching Your Own Children

If you have school-age children of your own or if you are the grandparent of school-age children, teach them proper safety. This includes using sidewalks when they are available. Your children should also understand the importance of using crosswalks and of not crossing the street until vehicles have stopped to allow the child to safely cross the street. Teach your children to never cross directly in front of the school bus or another vehicle where the driver may not see the child.    

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If your child was injured in an accident involving an inattentive driver, contact us. Be sure to bookmark our web page (www.844TakeMyCase.com) and put our number (844-Take-MyCase) in your phone in case you need our help. We also encourage you to connect with us on Facebook. Be sure to like our Facebook page, and let your Facebook friends know about us.  


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