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St. Mary’s County Accident Attorney on Trucks That Endanger Residential Areas

When children walk to school or ride bicycles in their neighborhoods, they shouldn’t have to contend with heavy trucking traffic. Unfortunately, serious accidents involving trucks and the residents of small neighborhoods occur too often. Many of these trucks are simply too big to be using narrow residential roads as trucking routes, while other trucks drive too aggressively. Two types of trucks that endanger residential areas are:

Semi-Trucks Using Residential Roads as Shortcuts

Thanks to GPS technology, semi-truck drivers can readily find shortcuts that save lots of time. However, too many truckers are willing to drive through roads not meant for trucking. If you have the misfortune of living next to a popular shortcut, the constant roar of semi-trucks in front of your home degrades your quality of life, and getting the mail or backing out of your driveway become life threatening activities. When rounding the curves of narrow streets, these trucks may use up both lanes, which endangers local traffic approaching from the opposite direction. Familiarity with these local roads cause them to drive faster than is safe in order to save time.

Landscaping and Lawn-Care Trucks

Landscaping and lawn-care are big business in the suburbs. Unlike the semi-trucks passing through your neighborhood, landscaping trucks and their trailers aren’t limited to short-cut roads. They drive on nearly every road because most residents hire their services. They frequently drive too fast and too aggressively through local roads in their efforts to do as much work as possible. In addition, these drivers lack the experience, skill, and training of professional truck drivers because landscaping is their profession, not truck driving.

Landscaping and lawn-care trucks place the well-being of local bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and motorists at risk. Those at highest risk are children and the elderly who lack the situational awareness and agility to quickly move out of harm’s way.

If a truck injured you or a family member in your neighborhood, seek legal advice from an experienced St. Mary’s County accident attorney. For a free consultation on the merits of your case, Contact us at the Law Offices of John Critzos, II.

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