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Charles County Accident Lawyer Refutes Four Reasons for Not Wearing Seat Belts

The expression “live and learn” means to learn from your experiences and mistakes. When it’s about wearing seat belts in a car, you may not survive the mistake of not using them. Car accidents have done horrible things to many people who survived them without a seat belt. What prevents so many people from playing it safe and buckling up? They carry around reasons based on misconceptions about seat belts. Here are four of them:

My Car’s Airbags Will Keep Me Safe

When it comes to safety, airbags supplement seat belts. They are not a replacement. This is similar to how gloves supplement your coat in keeping you warm. Just as wearing gloves without a coat won’t keep you warm, airbags without wearing a seat belt won’t keep you safe. The problem with airbags alone is they won’t hold you in place if your car does a spinout or a rollover. In high-speed head-on crashes, an airbag alone may cause severe neck and spinal injury. In addition, your lower body will violently move forward.

I Don’t Need a Seatbelt in the Back Seat

A collision can launch a back seat passenger through the front windshield or into the people sitting in the front seat. The back seat won’t protect against side impacts or rollovers. During high-speed rollovers, the car spins with such rapidity, that people are often ejected from the car. Ejections have thrown people as high as twenty feet into the air. The prospects of surviving an ejection are very low.

I Can Brace Myself

No amount of bracing can protect you from a rollover accident or a collision from an unexpected direction. Bracing against a head-on collision while traveling 60 mph in a car does little other than adding broken arms to other, more life threatening injuries. Even if your muscles had sufficient strength, your bones won’t.

A Seat Belt Will Trap Me in My Car

Whether a car has caught fire or is sinking underwater, a seat belt adds a few seconds to getting out. On the other hand, broken bones and internal organ damage from not wearing a seat belt will add considerably more time (and pain) to escaping the car. Unconsciousness will prevent escape.

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