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Is there a link between traffic conditions and car accidents?

Because of traffic jams, many people hate their daily commute. Complaints about traffic come up frequently in conversation, on Facebook, in online comments sections, and anywhere else people can vent their frustrations. Fortunately, if you commute in Maryland, the state is attempting to use cutting-edge technology to tackle this problem.

According to a recent report from OHS Online, the Maryland State Highway administration plans to introduce Smart Traffic Signals throughout the state in an effort to ease congestion. The technology monitors and assesses ongoing road conditions and manipulates traffic signals to maintain a steady flow of traffic.

Will this technology also affect road safety?

The link between traffic congestion and car accidents isn’t always straightforward. For example, some of the worst car accidents with the most severe outcomes occur in conditions of light traffic. Drivers assume that because the road is mostly clear, they can operate their vehicles at unsafe speeds. They may also be lulled by a kind of complacency – because there aren’t many other vehicles on the road, they pay less attention to what’s going on around them and assume they won’t suffer a collision.

At the same time, car accidents do occur on congested roads. For example, drivers who don’t leave a lot of space between themselves and the car ahead can wind up causing a rear-end collision. An attempt to change lanes may end with a crash. Other times, road rage clouds people’s ability to act with focus and restraint.

Technology that eases traffic jams can certainly prove beneficial, cutting down on the amount of time people spend on the road and helping reduce some of their stress. However, it’s important to remember that accidents occur in all kinds of traffic conditions and that it’s critical to remain alert and drive safely on all roads and at all times of day or night.

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