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DC accident lawyer warns about collision risks during crowded events

DC has long been a site for marches, protests, and rallies, along with sports games and other popular events.

Recently, the Washington Post came out with a 2017 calendar for some of the major planned events in DC (events that will also be publicized in the news and on social media platforms like Facebook). The calendar specifically mentions, right in its headline, the expected disruption to traffic in the city.

What traffic accident dangers should you watch out for during these kinds of events?

The risks of a collision apply to both pedestrians and vehicle occupants.

Pedestrians participating in these events may wander into oncoming traffic without noticing; on some occasions, they may even block roads intentionally. City authorities try to designate areas where people can stand around or walk safely, but while these precautions help, they don’t reduce the risk of a collision entirely. The best advice for event participants is to remain alert and stay as much as possible within safer areas outside the path of oncoming traffic.

Drivers may find themselves encountering blocked roads and needing to maneuver through streets they’re less familiar with. They may also need to drive more closely to other vehicles, and could wind up having to brake suddenly or swerve to try to avoid a collision. It’s best that drivers find out about these crowded events in advance and plan their routes accordingly. They should also drive at a slower speed, and remain cautious and patient (road rage over the delays can lead to trouble).

Should you suffer a collision during a crowded event, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced DC accident lawyer. We’re available at 844-Take-MyCase and through our website, www.844TakeMyCase.com. You can also stay up-to-date on traffic safety issues by following us on Facebook, as we use our Facebook account to highlight news and advice that could be useful to you.

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