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Eastern Shore Accident Lawyer on Negligence That Causes Truck Accidents

Everyone makes mistakes including truck drivers. However, they are professionals held to a higher standard than motorists. They drive enormous semi rigs, and mistakes due to their negligence have caused many devastating accidents. Four negligent causes of truck accidents are:

Incomplete Pre-Trip Inspections

Before driving out on the highway, the truck driver must do a thorough safety inspection. Over time, some drivers may cut corners on their pre-trip inspection. Overlooked items can include dirty or missing reflectors, burnt out tail lights, and under inflated tires. Reflectors and tail lights prevent nighttime underride accidents, which may destroy the top half of a car. Under inflated tires cause blowouts that force the driver to make unexpected corrective maneuvers. Sometimes the driver loses control of his rig.

Truck Drivers Not Using Truck Specific GPS

Some truck drivers use their personal GPS, which is meant for the driving public, instead of a truck specific GPS. They do this to save money because GPS for commercial trucks is more¬†expensive. A truck specific GPS shows routes that accommodate the height and weight of the trucker’s rig. The general purpose GPS for the public lacks these features. This causes trucks to get wedged under bridges, lose the top of their trailers, and bring down some types of overhead structures. These accidents in turn, may involve nearby motorists.

Dump Trucks Driving with a Raised Bed

Large dump trucks have long dumping beds. When raised, long dumping beds become very high beds. Drivers who forget to lower their beds, then drive on the highway and may take down power lines or lose their bed when it hits an overpass.

Driver Distraction

In addition to common low-tech distractions, truck drivers have a number of high-tech gadgets. While these make their job easier, they also take the driver’s attention off the road. These include a GPS for finding their way, immensely useful apps, and a cell phone for staying in touch with dispatchers and customers.

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