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Detailing Damages: Economic. Medical Bills, Lost Wages, and more

Any personal injury case will have “damages.” Damages are the ways you have suffered because of another’s negligence.

Damages can be split into sub categories. Two damage categories that will be found in nearly every incident of negligence are economic damages and non-economic damages. (There are other categories, like punitive damages, which are complex and follow significant guidelines as to when they may be applied to cases)

Understanding the most common and core damage category “Economic Damages” will help you better understand you case as a whole.

What Are Economic Damages?

Simply put- lost money. If your injury has cost you cash in anyway, it should be included in your claim as an economic damage.

Medical Bills

Usually, medical bills make up the bulk of any case where there is an injury. For every doctor visit, for every appointment, there will be a corresponding medical bill. Your attorney will collect medical records and medical bills related to the injury. Emergency Room visits, your primary care physician, specialists, you name it. Medical records document the injury, the severity, and treatment plans, and if related, will also mention the method of injury, therefore documenting a connection to the incident. 

Medical bills will detail the cost of these doctor visits. Costs you would not have to incur if it weren’t for the at-fault party. These costs should be considered in your claim.

Lost Wages:

Did you miss work because of your injury? Economic damages do include money spent, but also includes potential money never earned. Like medical bills, documentation is key. If you are hourly, documentation is a little simpler. A letter from your employer detailing missed work, along with a W-2 or an explanation of hourly rate can help prove what income you have lost. Salaried workers and those who are self-employed have a little more difficulty. Tax forms from years prior can assist in these situations, however, if you lost wages are significant; it is critical to hire an attorney work for you on the processes.

Future Economic Damages

Have you been prescribed a surgery in the future? Will you need 24 hour care because of your injuries? It might be possible to claim economic damages that have not happened yet. Your attorney can gather the necessary documentation needed to prove your future lost capital for your lifetime.

Economic Damages are just one way the injured suffer. Non-economic or pain and suffering are often also included. Knowing the details of your applicable damage categories can help you understand your case, but nothing compares to speaking with a qualified attorney. Call 844-Take-MyCase or visit www.844TakeMyCase.com to begin your conversation with a qualified personal injury attorney who will help you get back on your feet. Prefer Facebook? We are also on Facebook so tell your friends who might need help as well. Contact Us as soon as possible.

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