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Vehicle Roll-away Accidents Can Lead to Deadly Bodily Injury

Less than two months after his untimely death from a vehicle roll-away accident, actor Anton Yelchin received a tribute at the 50th anniversary Star Trek convention, along with continued memorial messages from fans on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Yelchin passed away in June when his vehicle rolled down his driveway, striking and trapping him.

His family has since raised concerns about the safety of his vehicle model. Yelchin reportedly received a recall notice for his vehicle several days after he died. There may have been manufacturing defects in the model that increased the likelihood of a roll-away accident.

What causes a vehicle roll-away accident?

Sometimes, the fault lies primarily with drivers who neglect to park their vehicle properly or who accidentally shift it out of “park” without intending to. In some circumstances, passengers – particularly unsupervised child passengers – shift the vehicle’s gears and set it in motion.   

Other times, the vehicle may have a manufacturing problem that misleads drivers into thinking that it’s properly parked, when in fact it isn’t. For example, Yelchin’s accident may have involved a faulty gear selector (found in his vehicle model and in others) that made it more difficult for drivers to tell if their vehicle was shifted into “park” or not.

When a vehicle starts moving on its own, rolling into whoever and whatever is in its path, it poses serious risks of bodily injury and property damage. Accident victims may get killed or suffer devastating injuries. Head and spine trauma, internal bleeding, broken bones, and crushed limbs and organs are all possible outcomes. The vehicle may also roll into buildings, fences, and other vehicles, causing expensive property damage.

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