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Detailing Damages: Damages Beyond Bodily Injury i.e. Pain and Suffering

  Personal Injury cases by their very nature will contain damages related to injury. Medical bills, wage loss, and similar tangible “economic damages.” 

However, there is another side to personal injury cases. There are damages beyond financial damages. Common referred to as “pain and suffering”, non-economic damages refer to how you have been affected by the incident in ways that don’t directly correlate to monetary loss.

What is Considered as a Non-Economic Damage?

Non-economic damages are intangible and vary greatly from person-to-person, accident-to-accident. There are some trends. Particularly with motor vehicle accidents, many people suffer in similar ways.

Injuries often lead to sleep deprivation, which when combined with day to day pain can effect someone’s mood, ability to work, relationships and general well being.

Many times those injured in accidents have difficulties with child-care, maintaining hobbies, and continuing their live’s day-to-day, often paired with anxiety, depression and loss of hope. Many people experience fear while traveling in a vehicle, making everyday trips horrifying. 

Expressing Pain and Suffering

If you have been injured, and are suffering in anyway due to someone else, it is important to seek legal counsel. Your accident attorney will know how to best present your pain and suffering symptoms in your bodily injury case. 

It is incredibly helpful to keep a journal or a written log of your suffering. After effects of your injuries can take time to reveal themselves, so logging as symptoms appear will allow you to express all of your non-economic damages throughout the process. Have you posted about your injuries on Facebook? These can be used to prove you have suffered. (Although you should be aware of your Facebook activity in the other direction as well, don’t let insurance companies use your Facebook against you. Always listen to your lawyer’s advice about social media activity.)

Getting Compensated for Non-Economic Damages

While non-economic damages do not directly correlate to monetary loss, the only way you can get compensated is through monetary settlement. The at-fault party cannot wave a wand and remove your past anxiety. 

The intangible nature of pain and suffering does complicate that monetary amount. What is the cost of a lost friendship or three months of little sleep? That is why having an attorney fight on your behalf is critical. 

You deserve to be compensated for the ways you have suffered in addition to getting your medical bills paid. Call 844-Take-MyCase or visit www.844TakeMyCase.com to meet and discuss your bodily injury case with a qualified attorney here to help you. Contact Us today. 

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