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Do I Need a Lawyer for an Automobile Property Damage Claim?

Unlike automobile accidents in which personal injury occurs, collisions involving only property damage are fairly straight forward.  Yet there might be times when you need an attorney.

When involved in automobile accident, you should call the police.  They will investigate the accident scene and may issue the other driver a ticket.  If so, this is documentation that the other driver was at fault.

Then you will want to file a property damage claim with the opposing driver’s insurance company.  This lets them know that an accident has occurred and begins the process of having your car repaired and receiving compensation for the damage to your vehicle.  

Generally, you should recover the difference between what your car was worth just before the accident and what it was worth immediately afterward.  The insurance company will usually decide what to pay you based on the estimated repair costs. 

It is, however, possible that the other driver’s insurance company may decide not to pay you for the repair costs.  This may happen if the company has questions about who was actually liable for the accident.   Even with a police report stating that the other driver was at fault, the insurance company might determine that you were at fault and balk at paying your claim.  This leaves you with a wrecked car and no compensation.

In this situation, it might be necessary to sue the other driver.  If so, then you need an experienced automobile accident attorney. Insurance companies have armies of lawyers.  You cannot fight them on your own.

If your automobile accident has resulted in property damage to your car, and the other driver’s insurance company is refusing to pay, then contact us.  We are the Law Offices of John Critzos, II, and it is our job to protect your rights.  Our phone number is 844-Take-MyCase.  Our website is www.844TakeMyCase.com. Find us on Facebook and please tell your friends about our Facebook page.  Leave a comment for us on our Facebook page!

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