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Eastern Shore Accident Attorney on Motorcycle Eye Protection

Motorcyclists should be familiar with motorcycle helmets and why they are important. Many people are alive today because of the head protection they wore in an accident. The motorcycle helmet absorbs the impact shock when a rider falls to the pavement. Unfortunately, eye protection doesn’t get the same attention as helmets. Because of this, some motorcyclists who wear helmets without visors may think that sunglasses will suffice. This is a mistake.

The Problem With Sunglasses

Sunglasses and ordinary prescription glasses are too fragile. Although they may protect against bugs, they won’t hold up against small rocks, flying gravel, and other road debris. An impact against such a projectile at highway speeds can shatter the lens, pop the lens out of the frame, or break the frame apart. This can injure an eye or expose the motorcyclist’s eyes directly to road projectiles as well as flying insects.

The Benefits of Proper Eye Protection

Eye protection that meets the standards required by the state of Maryland, not only protect the eyes, they prevent motorcycle accidents. Even a bug hitting an eye at highway speeds can cause the rider to veer off the road or into oncoming traffic. Proper eye protection is designed and built to handle normal road hazards. Common lens materials include polycarbonate and Trivex. Polycarbonate is extremely tough and is used in the canopies of some fighter jets.

The right eyewear also provide protection along the sides. They are available with other useful options such as tint and polarized glare protection. They also protect against wind and dust, which can diminish the motorcyclist’s vision. Any vision diminishment increases the risk of an accident.

If you are using sunglasses instead of eye protection, remember that vision loss will radically affect your life and these effects are often permanent. In addition, accidents caused by lack of protection can affect others on the road. Buy and wear the proper protection.

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