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Montgomery County accident attorney on tailgating

As annoying as it is when one driver is practically on top of your back bumper, this behavior can also be dangerous. Tailgating isn’t just a bad driving habit, it’s against the law in most states. If a car accident involves tailgating, the offending driver may be at fault.

Drivers on the road are expected to act responsibly, and this means keeping a safe distance between vehicles in case a quick stop is necessary. When filing a personal injury claim, a plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney must show that a driver violated the duty he or she had to drive safely. The breach of duty could be tailgating.

Next, one must prove that this breach of duty caused injuries. If a minor fender bender occurred, a suit may be brought if one suffers injuries. If one was traveling too close while going at a high rate of speed, more serious injuries or property damage might occur. One must show that any injuries were caused by the accident. One must also provide proof for any damages like medical records or a bill for car repair.

If criminal charges are brought, one can use these as proof of the accident in civil court. Other evidence might include witness reports, photos or video footage.

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