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Virginia lawyer explains motorcycle accidents

The September-October period saw several fatal motorcycle accidents. In late September, a Virginia man, Javier Garamendi Iniguez, 27, was being chased by state law enforcement. When he crossed the state line, they notified Maryland state police.

Highway officials there say that shortly after they caught sight of Iniguez, he was ejected from his motorcycle. His body was flung over the parkway’s jersey wall in Cabin John, Maryland, near the Capital Beltway. Iniguez was dead when they arrived. The motorcycle continued on after Iniguez was flung from it and collided with another vehicle. There was no word on why Virginia State Police were pursuing Iniguez.

In early October, a Randolph county man, Mark Howell, 49, of Beverly, was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car. The accident occurred in Daily, on Route 219. He died at the scene after the motorcycle he was on collided with another vehicle. Police indicate that Howell’s motorcycle hit a car that was turning into a business.

Both accidents illustrate concerns with motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle drivers are relatively unprotected, so accidents are often fatal or result in catastrophic injuries. Drivers can be thrown from motorcycles must more easily than drivers can be thrown from cars, as there are no impediments (like doors or windows) on motorcycles. Also, if motorcycles hit cars or larger vehicles, such as trucks, the drivers are at a tremendous disadvantage. The impact of hitting a car is much greater in a motorcycle than in a car. Finally, the roads themselves will cause death or injury to motorcyclists.

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