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Why choose an experienced attorney after your auto accident?

Automobiles have become an integral part of the daily lives of most modern Americans. Our cars are intrinsically linked to both our freedom and our sense of identity. Some of us even spend as much times in our cars commuting […] » Read More

A Maryland accident attorney needs a different approach to truck accidents.

In the United States, there are three crashes a minute involving a truck, or some type of commercial vehicle. In each of theses situations, someone is injured or killed. Any maryland accident attorney who undertakes such a case must be […] » Read More

In a Motorcycle Accident with Your Vintage or Custom Bike? Get the Insurance Settlement You Deserve.

If you’re in a motorcycle accident that results in damage to your bike, it’s important to find an attorney to represent you that is familiar with the diminution in value that results from an accident. Even if your injuries from […] » Read More

Even With New Laws, Auto Accidents Caused by Teens That Text And Drive are Still On The Rise!

Recent studies show that more teens than ever text and drive. Even with many states enforcing laws that prohibit texting and driving, many teens still continue to do it and disobey the law. The numbers are rising around the world […] » Read More

Crosswalk Accidents Can Require a Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

In today’s busy world, people are often in a rush to get where they are going. Whether they are in a vehicle, or a pedestrian, they are focused on where they are going. When you add in factors such as […] » Read More

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Having a motorcycle accident can be a devastating situation. After the initial shock, many times we are left to contemplate what may be next. Mounting debt from hospital bills and lost wages can add stress to an already traumatizing situation. […] » Read More

Maryland Accident Lawyer Will Get You Fair Compensation For Your Auto Accident Injuries

An article in the Annapolis Patch gives an account of a horrible auto accident that occurred in Anne Arundel County last year. The driver of one of the vehicles was thrown from the vehicle and died on the scene. Two […] » Read More

Virginia Accident Attorney Gets You The Verdict You Deserve In A Distracted Driver Case

A recent article in the Washington Post gives an account of a seventeen-year-old girl, whose last words over her cell phone before a fatal crash were – “I’m going to crash!” The article reports that distracted driving accidents appear to […] » Read More

What Does Maryland’s Contributory Negligence Rule Mean For My Automobile Accident?

Maryland is one of only four states that has a rule called “contributory negligence.” This rule can make it difficult for individuals to collect money for damages caused by another driver during an automobile accident. How does contributory negligence apply to […] » Read More

Maryland Lawmakers Seek to Reduce Traffic Crashes by Strengthening the Cell Phone Ban

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, persons who use cell phones while driving are four times more likely to injure themselves in a serious traffic crash. Recognizing the serious danger, the Maryland General Assembly passed a bill earlier […] » Read More


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