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Accident Lawyer Helping Victims in Virginia

Virginia Is Now Known For Its Traffic A recent study conducted by a traffic analysis firm concluded that Virginia is home to the worst traffic in America. The dreaded stretch of Interstate 95 from Stafford, Virginia to D.C. experiences over 1,000 […] » Read More

DC Accident Attorney on False Security That Prevents Drivers From Buckling Up

A great number of motorists know on an intellectual level that driving is dangerous. The problem is, they don’t act as if this were true. When you’ve driven thousands of times in your lifetime and continue doing it everyday, the […] » Read More

Maryland Accident Lawyer: Don’t Drive While Impaired by Alcohol

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 28 people die daily on the nation’s highways due to crashes where one or more drivers were impaired by alcohol. That’s more than 10,000 people every year, and accounts […] » Read More

Experienced accident attorney explains calculating damages

As an accident victim, you are not limited to recovering only your medical costs. In Virginia and Maryland, an accident victim may sue for the diminution in value of their property.  Diminution in value is a method courts use to determine how […] » Read More

Anne Arundel County Accident Lawyer Discusses Personal Injury at a Personal Level

Personal injury may seem like just a buzz-phrase until it happens to you or someone you know. Personal injury is an actual injury typically caused by another person’s or business’s negligence in operation or maintenance of property or animal. Personal injury claims […] » Read More

Charles County Accident Attorney Urges Pedestrians to Put Away Their Mobile Devices

Too many pedestrians believe they can multitask, but this belief is a myth. Instead, the brain switches back and forth between tasks. There are some exceptions to this such as thinking while walking. These two tasks don’t use the same […] » Read More

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Advises Riders to Watch for Autumn Hazards

Fall is the season of transition from enjoyable and comfortable summer riding to the winter when most motorcyclists store their bikes. During this transition, the days get shorter and colder, trees lose their leaves, and weather patterns change. These changes […] » Read More

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Offering Pedestrian Safety Tips

In mid-August, a 15-year-old pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and killed in Hebron, Maryland. The teen reportedly ran into the street, stumbled, and fell before being hit by the vehicle. If you are someone who often walks places, there […] » Read More

Prince George’s County Accident Lawyer Examines the Dangers of Indian Head Highway

Indian Head Highway (Maryland Route 210) has been referred to as the greater DC area’s “most dangerous road” in this recent local news piece. It isn’t the first time people have called attention to the higher rate of fatal accidents […] » Read More

DC Accident Lawyer Explains Two Lesser-Known Effects of Distracted Driving

For many people, distracted driving means taking your eyes off the road. This definition implies that the danger is restricted to not seeing the road during the time when your eyes are directed elsewhere. However, distracted driving involves more dangers […] » Read More


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