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Why Left Turns Are So Dangerous When Trucks Are Involved

Everyone knows that intersection is the major hotspot on the road for traffic accidents. It is where all road vehicles converge, and for many, the right of way rules of the road still seem to allude them. While right turns […] » Read More

Tips to Help You Avoid a Winter Traffic Accident

Now that winter has arrived the roads are gonna be more hazardous than ever. This makes it important that you take certain precautions when behind the wheel in order to reduce the likelihood that you will be involved in an […] » Read More

DC Accident Lawyer on Critical Mechanical Failures That Cause Accidents

Although human error and negligent driving cause much of the accidents on our highways and roads, mechanical failure also contributes substantially. Mechanical failures that cause car accidents will seriously degrade one or more of the items below: Having good control […] » Read More

Five Winter Truck Accident Hazards

Many people are under the impression that trucks handle snow better than cars. For example, the large wheels of big trucks make them less prone to getting stuck in a snow filled parking lot than sports cars with small wheels. […] » Read More

Is there a link between traffic conditions and car accidents?

Because of traffic jams, many people hate their daily commute. Complaints about traffic come up frequently in conversation, on Facebook, in online comments sections, and anywhere else people can vent their frustrations. Fortunately, if you commute in Maryland, the state […] » Read More

Charles County Accident Lawyer Refutes Four Reasons for Not Wearing Seat Belts

The expression “live and learn” means to learn from your experiences and mistakes. When it’s about wearing seat belts in a car, you may not survive the mistake of not using them. Car accidents have done horrible things to many […] » Read More

St. Mary’s County Accident Attorney on Trucks That Endanger Residential Areas

When children walk to school or ride bicycles in their neighborhoods, they shouldn’t have to contend with heavy trucking traffic. Unfortunately, serious accidents involving trucks and the residents of small neighborhoods occur too often. Many of these trucks are simply […] » Read More

D C Accident Attorney: Watch Out for School Children

School has been underway for several months now. While people often remember to watch out for children at the beginning of the school year, it is important to continue to watch for children heading to and from school during your […] » Read More

Motorcyclists Have a Right to Be On the Road, Too.

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable travelers on the road. Most traffic accidents involving motorcycles and their riders result in serious injuries to the rider. And unfortunately, many times, the riders are unfairly blamed due to their unearned reputation as “speed […] » Read More

Be Aware of Your Risks Following a Maryland Property Damage Only Collision

In 2012, there were almost 90,000 police-reported traffic accidents in Maryland. Fortunately, two-thirds were reported as property damage only. In 2014, Maryland saw an increase in property damage accidents, and these numbers continue to rise despite the state’s continued dedication to reducing […] » Read More


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