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Eastern Shore Accident Lawyer on Negligence That Causes Truck Accidents

Everyone makes mistakes including truck drivers. However, they are professionals held to a higher standard than motorists. They drive enormous semi rigs, and mistakes due to their negligence have caused many devastating accidents. Four negligent causes of truck accidents are: […] » Read More

DC accident lawyer warns about collision risks during crowded events

DC has long been a site for marches, protests, and rallies, along with sports games and other popular events. Recently, the Washington Post came out with a 2017 calendar for some of the major planned events in DC (events that […] » Read More

Maryland accident attorney highlights the lack of transparency about dangerous roads

Although human error and negligent behavior are the main causes of vehicular accidents, there’s no doubt that some roads are more dangerous than others. Their design and construction can increase the likelihood of a collision. Some roadways, for example, contain […] » Read More

3 Tips on How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents During the Winter

Are you a motorcycle addict? Driving a motorcycle in the winter comes with certain responsibilities. You need to take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of getting into a motorcycle accident. Here are some tips to stay safe. Dress […] » Read More

Anne Arundel County accident attorney will help in the aftermath of winter weather crashes

Maryland, DC, and neighboring states have been suffering some rough winter weather. An early January snowstorm, for example, turned the roads dangerously slick, including in Anne Arundel County. Icy roads also led to massive and tragic multi-vehicle accidents in Baltimore […] » Read More

New technology raises questions about traffic accident liability and ethics

How much responsibility can we delegate to computer systems? This is a question stemming from all the technological developments affecting our lives, ranging from our experiences on social media sites like Facebook to the hours we spend on the road. […] » Read More

DC Accident Attorney Discusses Small Maintenance Oversights with Deadly Consequences

When you have a busy life, it’s easy to overlook the smaller maintenance issues of your car. Some problems, such as a small tear in the backseat upholstery have little if any safety consequences. Other seemingly trivial maintenance concerns are anything but trivial. […] » Read More

Can car-to-car communications cut auto accident rates?

Technological developments are opening up new possibilities for road safety. Many reports shared in the news, as well as on Facebook and other digital platforms, have discussed self-driving cars, but these aren’t the only innovations shaping the auto industry. A […] » Read More

Three Causes of Chain Reaction Traffic Accidents

Heavy use of our highways in all types of weather combined with poor driving technique, sets the stage for the chain reaction traffic accident (or pile up). This type of accident involves multiple vehicles, and causes substantial damage, injuries, and fatalities. […] » Read More

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Offering School Bus Safety Tips

  School bus crashes, particularly those resulting in fatalities, often add fuel to the debate over whether seat belts on school buses should be required. Currently, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. do not require school buses to be equipped with […] » Read More


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