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DC accident lawyer discusses “super speeding” and its consequences

A recent news report from the DC area highlights a dangerous phenomenon on the roads: super speeding. Over the last five years, there have been close to 200,000 documented cases of drivers exceeding 80 mph or going more than 30 […] » Read More

Why Your First Call Should Be to a Montgomery County Accident Attorney

Accidents happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean you should suffer in silence. Whether you had a car accident on the highway or a slip and fall in a restaurant, your first call should be to a Montgomery County […] » Read More

Charles County Accident Lawyer Discusses Distracted Driving

On March 3, 2017, two Waldorf teenagers died during their lunch break in a single-car collision after their vehicle struck a pole in Charles County. A “heartbreaking time” for Westlake High School, a passenger riding in the car was transported […] » Read More

Prince Georges County Accident Attorney Discusses New Wrongful Death Legislation

Prince Georges County, Maryland, just east of Washington, D. C., is home to 863,840 residents and students of the University of Maryland – College Park. National Harbor, the 300 acre waterfront development on the Potomac River in Prince Georges County near the Woodrow Wilson bridge, hosts thousands of […] » Read More

Which states do the most to promote seat belt use? Maryland accident attorney considers some recent news

Traffic safety laws and driving regulations often differ from one state to another. With an alarming nationwide increase in fatalities from traffic accidents, government agencies and civilian advocates are calling for more attention to how different states enact and enforce […] » Read More

Washington D. C. Accident Attorney on Motorcycles

Lane splitting is not legal in Washington, D. C., and it’s risky. Cycle World and the Washington Post lead motorcyclists to believe they do not have to stop in bumper to bumper traffic if they share lanes with cars and […] » Read More

St. Mary’s County Accident Attorney on Proof of Insurance

While enjoying your tour of historic St. Mary’s County, Maryland, be sure to try one of the fabulous restaurants on the newly revitalized Leonardstown Wharf. St. Mary’s County has a population of 105,151 residents, and diverse students attend nearby St. Mary’s College. Light Houses […] » Read More

Anne Arundel County Accident Attorney Remembers Police Officer Noah Leotta

Our Anne Arundel County accident attorney remembers Police Officer Noah Leotta. The Maryland State Legislature ratified Noah’s Law, the Drunk Driving Reduction Act of 2016, to reduce the number of recidivists who drive drunk.    On December 3, 2015, Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta, […] » Read More

Contributory Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents

Serious injury and wrongful death frequently result from motorcycle accidents.  The most dangerous motorcycle accidents occur when cars and trucks make left turns.  The motorist turning left who did not see the motorcycle is liable for the accident if the […] » Read More

Eastern Shore Accident Lawyer on Negligence That Causes Truck Accidents

Everyone makes mistakes including truck drivers. However, they are professionals held to a higher standard than motorists. They drive enormous semi rigs, and mistakes due to their negligence have caused many devastating accidents. Four negligent causes of truck accidents are: […] » Read More


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